Why Drinking Sufficient Water Is Important for a Healthy Life

The human body contains 70% water and depletion of it can lead to numerous health problems. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and anxiety. This can have a negative effect on attention, alertness and short-term memory. Shortage of water increases anxiety. Getting a glass of water in case of extreme thirst soaks the body as well as the soul. Water is essential for human health. It has many important functions such as removing waste from the body, regulating body temperature and helping the brain function properly. We get 20% of our daily water requirement from food, while the rest comes from drinking water and other beverages.

Tissue and Joint Protection

Drinking sufficient water helps keep your joints, spine and tissues lubricated and hydrated. It also helps you to enjoy physical activity and reduce the discomfort of arthritis. Many people have increased pain in the joints and bones in winter, and one of the major causes of this is dehydration.

Improves Digestive System

Experts recommend drinking water before, during and after meals. Drinking water helps in digesting food more efficiently.

Emission of Waste Materials

The human body uses water to excrete sweat and urine and to perform functions or movements in the abdomen. Water is needed to replenish the fluid lost through sweat. Urine wastes are also important for kidney function. Having the required amount of water in the body not only helps the kidneys to function more efficiently but also protects the kidneys from stones.

Regulates Body Temperature

Staying hydrated is very important to maintain body temperature. Physical activities and sweating in hot weather cause dehydration. Sweating keeps the body cool, but if the water lost through it is not recovered, then the body temperature rises. This is because when dehydration occurs, the body loses electrolytes and plasma. If someone is sweating more than usual, make sure to drink water immediately in order to meet the deficiency of water in the body.

Other Functions and Benefits of Drinking Water

Along with improving the circulation of oxygen in the blood, water carries helpful nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. It also helps in absorbing them. Water helps fight disease, prevents constipation, kidney stones, urinary tract infections and high blood pressure. It also helps absorb important vitamins, minerals and nutrients from food, making a person healthier. One study found that drinking 500 ml of water increased the metabolic rate in both men and women by 30%. These effects lasted for an hour.