The most expensive Biryani in the World

There are people all over the world, including Pakistan and India, who are fond of eating biryani and if the biryani is good, people don’t even care about the money to eat it.

Do you know where to find the most expensive biryani in the world and what its price is?

No need to worry if you don’t know, we will tell you today about the price of this biryani and its features.

So, sir, the most expensive biryani in the world is available in UAE which also uses 23 carat gold and this biryani has been named as Royal Gold Biryani.

Robin Pinto, manager of the world’s most expensive biryani restaurant, says: “We named this biryani Royal Gold Biryani because it has 23 carat gold foil on it. The skewers provide kebabs, lamp chops, Rajputana chicken sola and chicken cream roast which you can enjoy with almond gravy.

The hotel manager says that we deliver the Royal Gold Biryani to the customer’s desk exactly 25 minutes after receiving the order.