Importance of Scientific and Technological Education

The importance of science cannot be overstated in the present age. From waking up in the morning to going back to bed at night, almost everything we do and use in our lives is due to science. The nations we see at the top of the ladder of progress today have reached this point while advancing in the field of science.The development of science does not span days or months. It is not something that can be bought from the market or imported from another country, but the formation of a scientific society is fundamental to the development of science. A society in which everyone thinks scientifically and where solutions to problems are arranged on a scientific basis.

Although the history of the Indian subcontinent is very old, the efforts to promote science here seem to be very limited. A study of history shows no effective and comprehensive effort anywhere. Whether it was the Mughal period or the Western period, attention was paid to other social sciences in the region, but little attention was paid to the scientific sciences. Even for the teaching of scientific sciences, there is no significant institution.At the time of the formation of Pakistan, the shortage of science and technology educational and research institutions in the region was severely felt and a few institutions were established, but instead of increasing the number and quality of these institutions, their numbers gradually dwindled and their quality continued to decline. As a result, we do not have the statistics of science and technology educational and research institutions around us today that can lead to the betterment of a developing nation.

The importance of science and technological education and research institutions can be gauged from the fact that students graduating from administrative and social sciences are dependent on others, but students with scientific and technical knowledge have skills in their hands. Not only can they provide a reasonable source of livelihood for themselves, but they also become a source of income for others, but this does not diminish the importance of other knowledge.An important aspect of scientific and technical education is that scientific knowledge is based on logic and practice. Therefore, when logical reasoning is tested by experience, the knowledge that comes into being is closest to nature. Although such sciences are not final or inspired, they are based on very strong foundations and require more logic and practice to transform them.

Harmony with the nature of scientific and technological sciences leads to the development of society, because society is made up of individuals. When the individual is prosperous, the society will develop, and the development of the society actually becomes the development of the country. Therefore, promotion of scientific and technical sciences is very important for the development of the country.