First femalr referee in African Cup of Nations

The first female referee in the history of the African Cup of Nations

According to the news agency, Saleema Makansanga played the role of referee in the football match between Group B teams Guinea and Zimbabwe in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon on Tuesday. Saleema, along with three match officials, came to the pitch carrying the football with which the match was to be played. Zimbabwe won the historic match by 2-1.

African Cup of Nations, Morocco wins match after 45 years

Morocco has won the African Cup of Nations match for the first time since 1976. Morocco took the offensive line from the start of the game which continued till the last minute of the match. Morocco’s relentless onslaught began to erode Comoros’ defenses. Saleem Amla took advantage of this in the 16th minute of the match and scored the first goal for his team.

Bundesliga match canceled due to racist remarks

The match between the teams of Duisburg and Osnabruck was being played in Duisburg when the match was canceled before halftime. A member of the visiting team alleged that he was verbally assaulted by a fan of the opposition team at the stand. The management canceled this match of Bundesliga after this unpleasant incident.