Babar Azam describes the difficulties of his early days of cricket

Babar Azam, the captain of the Pakistan cricket team, spoke openly about his difficulties in the early days of cricket in an interview with Inzamam-ul-Haq.

During the interview, Babar Azam said that from the beginning, his father used to accompany him in every match. Even in the club cricket, he used to take his father with him to play matches and when he got out early, he used to get beaten up. Describing an incident, Babar Azam said that when he was selected for U-15, he asked his cousin to lend him shoes, and his cousin refused to give him shoes. “This refusal taught me not to ask for anything from anyone now,” the captain said.
He said that he was very fond of cricket since his childhood. He used to play cricket all night long. The captain said that for the first month or so, he used someone else’s clothes, but then he realized that he should have his kit. Babar Azam said that when he first asked his father for a kit, he said that he did not have that much money, but when his wish reached his mother, she said that she had some money. Babar Azam said that at that time my mother gave me three and a half thousand rupees, at that time my happiness was worth seeing. He said that he took the money and went and bought a bat of 1500 rupees of his choice, which is still kept at home.